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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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in order to address those needs, the committee is hosting an economic development planning meeting in anthon, iowa. sergeant bluff mayor jon winkel says it's a good way to discuss what city's are looking to do in the next few years and find out how the county can help. "our whole counsel has taken the viewpoint that we're doing everything we can in our community to create jobs and the tax base will follow," said winkel. woodbury county will soon be asking consultants for proposals to come up with updated comprehensiv e plans for the rural cities. in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> sioux city officials say casselman street, between west 4th and west 6th streets, is closed because of a water main break. the closure is necessary so crews can make repairs. the section of the street will be closed for two
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weeks. there is a detour posted. for a closer look at the detour, you'll find it inside this story at ktiv-dot-com. a project that's decades in the making is in the home stretch. tomorrow, two communities, sioux city and fort dodge, will celebrate work on the final 40-miles of highway 20 between early and moville, iowa. work will widen that stretch of highway to four-lanes. work on that stretch began in 2014. it's scheduled to be done in the fall of 2018. iowa governor terry branstad and lieutenant governor kim reynolds will host the events. the sioux city event is set for the sioux city convention center from 2 to 3:30pm. it's been a dreary day. is that going to change anytime soon? for that, we'll toss it over to chief meteorologis t ron demers for the first look at our forecast. weather ad-lib rain moved through early today (with even some rumbles of thunder) and then we stayed gloomy, drizzly, and foggy. rain will be on the increase again tonight and good chances of rain, and maybe even some thunderstorms, will last through the day on tuesday. chances of showers will continue into tuesday night and wednesday before we start to clear out some later in the afternoon on wednesday. temperatures will be trending
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downward with tomorrow being the warmest of the days to come as we'll all still be in the 50s. (matt) after almost a year of discussion, the sioux city pool committee has come up with a plan. (sheila) committee members recommended closing cook and leeds pools after the 2016 swimming season. those pools would then be replaced with splash pads. the city would also move forward with a regional aquatic center in the morningside area. once that center is built, the city would close lewis pool. finally, there are some major
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erikson pool, but the committee wants it to operate as long as possible. so, when leif erikson pool does fail, the city will close it, and replace it with a splash pad. then the city will evaluate future aquatic opportunities near the north side. "hopefully it's going to enhance. people have the opportunity to use splash pads for free. it's an opportunity we don't have much now, besides dale street. a regional aquatic center is something that i've heard people wanting over and over again," said sioux city parks & recreation director, matt salvatore. all of these plans are recommendations, and aren't final. a public meeting will be held in early december to get feedback from residents. after that, the park board will meet again and bring it to city council for their vote. something that began as an idea 12 years ago, is on the way to becoming a reality. construction worker's equipment beeping. the launchpad children's museum in sioux city had its first exhibit installed today. it's a climbing wall where kids can get some energy out. the museum is based on science,
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concepts-- or "stem." the space will include wind, water and agriculture exhibits with the goal to make learning fun for kids. "we have a lot of traditional learning places here, but we don't have anying like this where kids can come in and really come in and get some hand-on experience and learn through play and have fun while they're learning. i think tha't something kids forget sometimes is learning can be fun," said launchpad children's museum direeor of outreach, valerie petersen. the grand opening is set for february 11th of 2017. northwest iowa is home to one of the top high schools in the country. ridge view high school was the only high school in the state to be named a national blue ribbon school in 2015. a celebration will take place tonight at seven at the high school in holstein. ridge view high school serves the communities of early, galva, holstein, nemaha and schaller. the sioux city city council votes tonight whether to get behind a proposed agriculture exposition and learning center on the site of the former john morrell packing plant. the city's commimient would be 200-0-ousand dollars per year for ten years from the capital
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improvement plan budget, plus 12 acres of land. it would be contingent on a 2-million dollar pledge from woodbury county and one-million dollars in casino revenue from missouri river historical development. the ag expo is an 11-to-144 million dollar prprect. it would serve rural residents for agricultural activities, classes and livestock shows. the plans include 500 animal stalls and a possible hotel. if all the funding is secured, officials say it could open as early as 2017. ktiv's robert lowe is at that meeting tonight. and will bring us the results tonight on news 4 at tete this year's thanksgiving feast will likely cost you more. an outbreak of bird flu in april and may resulted in the loss of seven million turkeys. experts say there will still be plenty to go around, mainly because frozen thanksgiving turkeys had already been processed when the flu outbreak hit. that won't apply to fresh birds, however.r. the u.s. department of agriculture is still predicting that because of the outbreak turkey prices might jump as much as 20-percent. public health officials say two central iowa men have died from the flu and the state
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rates in the nation. the ioio department of public health medical director says the two men who died were between 41 and 60 years old. the u.s. centers for disease control estimates about 300,000 iowans get the flu each year and an average of 1,000 die annually from the flu and its complications inclcling pneumonia. the cdc says iowa, oregogoand rhode island currently have the highest influenza activity. the medical director says getting a flu vaccine is the best defense. still to come... one presidential candidate gets an endorsement from a local law maker.
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dear future, life is good. no, great. i'm like, a man. only better. but even though i know everything, i still feel like you could surprise me. like that skateboard incident with the squirrel. but life is sweet now. hey, what could go wrong?
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let's get going. foggy. rain will be on the increase againinonight and good chances of rain, and maybe even some thunderstorms, will last through the day on tuesday. chances of showers will continue into tuesday night and wednesday before we start to clear out some later in the afternoon on wednesday. temperatures will be trending downward with tomorrow b bng the warmesesof the days to come as we'll all still be in the 50s. the cooler weather then continues to move in with highs by saturday only getting to about 40 degrees. we're keeping a slight chance of a snow shower in the forecast for friday night but otherwise we have a drier forecast once we
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ill to come... see governor branstad's response about dealing with with syrian refugees in the aftermath of the
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as president of the united states, , pledge to you that i willllolve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this messag texas sen. ted cruz has picked up a key iowowendorsement from congressman steve king. the 4th district republican said this morning cruz has always stuck to his principles and he called him the "candidate who is the answer to my prayers." rep. steve king / (r) iowa "the pillars of american exceptionalism have been badly damaged by the assaults from the left. it's our job to defend those pillars and refurbish them, for they are the foundation of thth soul of america. that's why my consistent prayeye for nearly a year has been to ask god to raise up a leader
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sheila king says cruz would appeal to a wide range of republicans. cruz is among 14 candidates vying for the republican nomination. he has campaigned heavily in iowa and will be in the state later this week. in a news release, cruz said he was honored to receive the endorsement. for moreren what king had to s s about senator cruz and why he endorses him, you can head over to our website. members of siouxland's islamic community are condemning friday's terrorist attacks in paris. the islamic center of siouxland adopted a resolution at a meeting of its board members on saturday, stating, quote--"we the muslimimof siouxland strongly condemn the recent terrorist attacks inaris, france. no religious tradition can ever justify nor condone such ruthless and senseless acts of violence on innocent civilians and bystanders. our prayers and condolences go out t the families of the victims in this great human tragedy. we fully stand with them and share their grief and sadness and we pray to
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grief and loss of their loved ones in the coming days." a growing list of states are now telling president obama they will not allow w rian refugees to croro their borders. this after reports a syrian passport was found near the body of one of the men who carried out the attack in paris. the obama administration has set a goal of admitting thousands of refugees over the next several years. iowa governor terry branstad said dealing withthyrian refugees is a dangerou and delicate situation. he went on to say this is a federal program and the states may not be able to stop refugees. flags across the country have been lowered to half-staff to show respect for the victims of the paris attacks. flags will be flown at half-staff untnt sunset on thursday, november 19, 2015. you can see the president's full proclamationn our website at brad's here -- iowa state's still trying to get over a tough loss. the cyclones had a 17-point lead on undefeated oklahoma state -- only to lose. we'll see how they re-group. and, a sioux city high school
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pitcher takes a different path, while getting a colle scholarship.
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state. the cyclones nearly pulled off the biggest upset of the weekend, but blew a 17-point lead against undefeated oklahoma state. isu has two road games l lt to find something positive. the cyclones travel to kansas state this saturday, before closing the season at west
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virginia. last saturday, isu led okie state, 24-7 in the first half and 31-21 in the fourth quarter, before falling 35-31. even though getting to a bowl game is no longer a possibility, the cyclones still have a lot to play for. "everyone was frustrated about the outcome and everything. we just wanted to get a win," said quarterback jojo lanning. "but no one really huhu their heads, just frustrated out the outcome honestly. we're fine now. we're just going to move on and prepare for kansas state." "you don't get many opportunities a year to play college football," said defensive end j.d. waggoner. "we get 12 opportunities. we're working every single day. that's enough motivation for me just to want to go out there and perform my best." k-state isis-6 in the big 12. kickoff is a a 11 am on fox sports 1. the football championship games in nebraska will be set after today. the semifinals are going on for the 8-man teams in class d1 and d2. in d1, creighton falls to b-d-s, in shickley, 4 428. the bulldogs trailed 32- nothing -- cut the lead to 4 -- but finish 11 and 1.
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also in d1, clearwater- orchard is trailing at burwell, 27-zip at the half. in d2, unranked wynot is trailing number-5 humphrey st. francis, 24-nothing i ithe second quarter. e blue devils' only y ss was to st. francis, 24-20, in the regular season. ktiv's mark freund is covering that game and will have highlights and interviews at ten. wayne state has picked up a baseball recruit from siouxland. this new pitcher took an un-conventional route to get a scholarship. brody gugat is a senior at sioux city north, who signed with the wildcats in front of his parents, jerry and dana, and sister brooke. last summer, the 6-5 right- hander decided to play for a travel team, the sioux falls cyclones and coach steve phillips, to face some of the top talent in the midwest. he respopoed with a zero- point-95 era on the season, with a no-hitter. gugat says the decision to play travel ball helped him get better. "we got to travel to different places," said gugat. "we traveled to nebraska, kansas and illinois and i played some great competition there. more scouts got to me and i just feel like that was the better option
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he's ranked as the number-6 right-handed high school pitcher in iowa,a,y perfect game. hawkeye head baseball coach rick heller announced an 11-player recruiting class. included is tyler cropley -- a 3-time all-state pick at bishop heelan. the catcher hit .271 as a freshman, helping iowa western to a fifth place finish at junior college world series, finishing 56-11. iowa's class is ranked third in the big ten. ridge view senior keely soellner signed her letter of intent to swim at iowa state next fall. keely swam with the storm lake tornadoes the past 4 seasons and also swims with ames cyclone aquatic club in fort dodge. keely is theheaughter of brian & rae
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tomorrow, the nbc today with an exclusive interview from actor charlie sheen as he makes a personal annoucement. a look at what some sources say he plans to reveal about his medical health. a massachusett s woman is granand permission to wear a colander on her head in her drivers license picture. the massachusett s r-m-v originally denied lindsay miller's request to wear the perforated bowl, but relented after miller won a legal appeal. miller identifies herself as a "pastafarian" - a group that follows the church of the flying spaghetti monster - and says wearing the colander allows her to express her beliefs. the massachusett s registry of motor vehicles does not allow head coverings on license photos except in cases of religious beliefs. tonight: rain increases. low: 53 wind: se 15-25 mph tomorrow: scattered showers and storms. high: 58 wind: e
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charlie sheen and the new repopos he has hiv. >> what we've learned as news breaks. he's set to make a personal announcement on live tv. >> it's what's coming up right now on "entertainment tonight." i'm told that he's in treatment. >> why charlie is onon addressingiv claims now. and inside, how the s surfaced. >> started getting a half ton of e-mails. then, stars pay their
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>> it's not just a french problem, it's all of our problem. >> i was s ing to cancel my show tonight. i allow them to stop me? >> concerts halted, tv episodes moved. i'll tell you the big change happening at tonight's "hunger games" premiere. also, where we found gwen and gavin this weekend. plus -- exclusive one direc is their new song about taylor? that's what everyone wants to know. "e.t.'s" icon week kick off with jennifer lopez. >> there i ino continued overnight in this business. i knew everything about this business in 1995. now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hollywood reacts to the paris attacks. we'll show you how the stars are paying tribute to the victims. that is on the way. we're going to start with a headline that just broke today. >> for weeks there have been rumors alleging an a-list actor has hiv.
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